Lucky to see a beautiful sunset? “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” some people like this others like that. “All flowers are beautiful” Sensei’s message to us. Things are not beautiful, rather we have capacity to experience beauty sometimes. Therefore meditate to change your mind, to expand your capacity to experience love and beauty and to be happy and strong.


ISA Upanishad poem in celebration of YULE. Questions to check your koshas. 5th and 4th for life. 1st and 2nd for meditation. 3rd and time: objective time, subjective time, absolute time. Mindfulness in the present is a tool to know what you are doing. Jhana is a tool to find yourself and wake up into your life.


Why is a PhD valuable? Because it’s hard to persist. Same for meditation: feel your breath, see a candle, notice how settled you are. But to persist in any is difficult. Meditation is developing ability to persevere. Mind and circumstances swirl in alluring chaos; learn to hold steady.