weekly practice

Next meeting Thursday June 20th (then June 27th)
No meeting July 4th
Weekly meditation on Thursdays:
6:45pm Please sign on before the bell
7:00pm Bell starts meditation, 60min
7:30pm Half-way bell (ok to join or leave, please do so quietly)
8:00pm Informal discussion
Zoom only for now
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Meeting ID: 964 9809 5020
Passcode: 860845
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Meditation: Silent meditation allows you to practice your own specific method, so long as it does not disturb others (please mute your zoom if needed). Group meditation practice is helpful to support your efforts with shared experience, understanding, and encouragement. A good teacher will encourage you to practice and present you with new ways to perceive it, perhaps simply by their own good example. In this weekly meditation practice, I share a variety of thoughts and exercises to help you discover and regularly practice at the deepest levels, and demonstrate the same based on extensive experience. While Zoom provides a more distant connection with the group than in-person practice, it does have a group practice experience that many have found beneficial.

If you want to do more than calm yourself…if you feel a need to recover yourself and be more centered or perhaps even understand yourself better and strive toward liberation/enlightenment/heaven, then join our practice.

See also retreats as well as private sessions and other options.